Breakdown Cover for You

There are a lot of ways to talk about it. You can say “breakdown cover,” “breakdown coverage,” “breakdown policy” or “roadside assistance.” What it works out to, in the long run, is help when your vehicle has a mechanical problem that is not caused by a collision or similar difficulty. Not all policies are the same or cover the same kind of driving, so read carefully so that you know what kind of policy you are subscribing to.

Basic Roadside Assistance

A licensed mechanic, with a van full of replacement parts and other good things for your vehicle patrols a specific territory. When you have a problem with your vehicle, whether it is being stalled in traffic or trying to change a flat by the side of the road, a person who is in your area will come to you. He or she will diagnose your vehicle, repair it if it is something simple, or arrange to have it towed if it cannot be repaired in thirty minutes or less. No one really wants to be stuck by a busy highway longer than that. For your safety and that of everyone else, it is best that longer repairs be taken care of in an automotive center.

English Language Hotline

If you are traveling in other countries, one of the best things you can hear is a voice speaking your familiar language, especially if you are trying to communicate with someone who speaks “mechanic” as well as a tongue that is not your own. It is hard enough to figure out what is going on when someone starts talking about sprockets, manifolds, and carburetors without having to try to understand unfamiliar words in between the technical ones.

Parts Shop and Mechanic that Comes to You

Your agencies van is like having a parts shop and mechanic who comes to you, no matter where you are. That means that if you’ve had a small part go out, you’ve run out of gas or you need a new tire, you can get all those things at the spot where the breakdown occurred instead of having to pay a towing bill for something simple like a dead battery.

Different kinds of Coverage

There are so many types of breakdown cover. These include the basic policy, which brings you parts unless a big repair is needed. Then there is the “home” breakdown cover that will help out even if you’ve not pulled out of your driveway. Travel or vacation cover can provide protection whether you are taking a domestic motor tour or you are traveling across Europe. There is even a very nice type of breakdown insurance that combines with your warranty or extended warranty and will help with the expense of major repairs. This last type only applies to newer vehicles, unfortunately. Roadside assistance, however, can extend across the life of your vehicle.

No one loves it when the car breaks down. It causes delays, it is often expensive, and it can even be a little scary depending on when and how the breakdown occurs. But breakdown cover provides a helping hand when you need it the most. A licensed, trained person will arrive on the scene and determine whether your vehicle can be fixed on the spot or whether it needs to be towed to a repair location. Roadside assistance really is something to love, especially on cold, dark nights when rain and snow might make a situation even worse than it was before. It isn’t a miracle cure, but it does provide a very nice ;ahem; roadside manner.